What would you like to know?

Why Jemima?

Britain was last invaded on 22nd February 1797, when fourteen hundred members of the French Revolutionary Army landed in Carregwastad bay near Fishguard.


The French moved inland the following morning and occupied strong defensive positions on high rocky ground. The British, although outnumbered, decided to attack, with many Fishguard locals volunteering to fight. Notable among these was Jemima Nicholas who single-handedly took twelve French soldiers prisoner in St Mary’s Church armed only with a pitchfork……….and that’s why we’re called Jemima!

Interested in rowing with us?

The first step is to contact Martha or Yasmin who will direct you towards a crew or training session that you could join.

You are entitled to two sessions free of charge to help you decide if you want to join the club.

Dates and times of these sessions can be found on our Facebook page and the website.

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Our weekly rowing sessions

Sculling and Celtic rowing times vary depending on tides and the weather.

Women  – Sculling on Wednesday mornings.

Men and Juniors – Wednesdays at 18.00

Mixed crews go out throughout the week


Members may book boats and indoor rowing machines by 

using the link below.

Please feel free to contact a committee member if you would like to go out but can’t form a crew.


All crews must complete the compulsory Risk Assessment before taking out a boat, by using the link below.